MediSpeak App Translation

Can you speak more than one language? Do you want to be a part of a mission to narrow the gap between English speaking and Non-English speaking patients? If your answer is yes, then sign up to be one of the translation volunteers for MediSpeak.

MediSpeak is an app created by medical students to tackle the communication issues in healthcare by providing accurate and immediate translations. This app will consist of a searchable database of medical translations and audio clips in different languages, which can be used during emergencies when an in-person or telephone translator cannot be reached.

Many of you may have witnessed instances where healthcare professionals have spent hours waiting for translators to become available or searching the hospital for someone who can speak the same language. And if no one could be found, they ended up using google translate, which fails to accurately translate medical terminology, especially in Asian and Eastern European languages. And so, MediSpeak was created to be used alongside existing medical translation methods, to improve the quality of care and relieve some of the pressure on healthcare professionals.

For this to happen, we are hoping for volunteers, such as yourself, to add to our searchable database, by translating and recording common medical phrases which will be provided. This will help us cover a wide range of languages and uncommon dialects so we appropriately serve our diverse community.



Please note to be a volunteer translator, we request you are completely fluent in speaking and writing the language

For more information, please follow our social media pages (@MediSpeakTech)




If you have any further questions or would like to get in touch, please feel free to email