Post-Foundation Training Portfolios

After Foundation Training, many doctors apply and interview for jobs for the first time since medical school. Applicants are often unfamiliar with the layout, contents and presentation of medical portfolios required for Post-Foundation Training Posts. Most interviews feature an entire “Portfolio Station”, so it’s very important! 

We have organised the following Portfolio Drop-in Sessions for Post-Foundation Training Programmes.  

These sessions are a fantastic opportunity to ask questions regarding the application process and gain valuable advice from current trainees (some of whom have sat on interview panels). 

You can register below for a 15-minute slot (maximum two people per session). Spaces are limited due to social distancing rules, so register early to avoid disappointment. 

Specialty  Time/Trainee  Location  Registration Link  
ACCS-Anaes         Monday 9th November 13:00-14:00      Elspeth Cumber (CT2, ACCS-Anaes)   Seminar Room 2   Education Centre  CXH    Use this link to register  
IMT/ACCS-AM      Monday 9th November   17:00-18:00      Zack Ferguson (ST3, ACCS-AM)   Ashni Khetarpal (IMT 2)   Seminar Room 2   Education Centre  CXH  Register now  
IMT/ACCS-AM      Wednesday 11th November   13:00-14:00      Zack Ferguson (ST3, ACCS-AM)   Harriet Eaton (IMT 1)   Seminar Room 2   Education Centre  CXH  Register now  
CST/T&O RTT     Friday 13th November   17:00-18:00      Anthony Thayaparan (ST6 T&O)  Cami Aliker (CST 1) 7E Seminar Room  CXH  Register now