Medical Women’s Federation: How to have your cake and eat it too!

Ever been put off a career because it seemed too ‘intense’?

Been scared away from a speciality because it will make it too difficult to have children?

Torn between choosing a job and a family life?

Join us for our panel discussion where we will breaking down the myths, revealing the facts behind parental rights of doctors and shining a light on some inspirational role models who’ve balanced a family life and competitive careers in varying specialities, from academics to clinical practice and research.

Although this a Medical Women’s Federation event, it is crucial that everyone is included in this discussion as it will affect anyone who is interested in having a family. Our event is open to everyone and we have both men and women speaking on the panel.

Our panel is filled with some of the most prestigious figures at Imperial and beyond. So far we have announced speakers Scarlett Nazarian (also known as @thefemalesurgeon on instagram) and Dr Hoare (St. Mary’s Gastroenterologist) and we have 2 very special guests remaining! Click going to stay updated for more speaker alerts & registration:

NB, the cake is not included